How to use Facebook Ads for Direct Sales

Facebook ads. People love ‘em or the hate ‘em. (We love ‘em.) Here are some of the things we usually hear from direct sales consultants about Facebook ads: Facebook ads don’t work. (Yes they do.) Facebook ads are expensive. (Nope, they’re not.) Facebook ads are confusing. (Ok, you got us on this one. Sort of.)…

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September Social Media Content Ideas for Direct Sales

Are you ready for pumpkin spice everything? I feel like it’s a divisive topic. People either love it, or hate it. I’m am firmly planted in the love it camp and even make my own pumpkin spice creamer (recipe here). With September (and fall) right around the corner it’s that time again to get your…

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How to Increase Sales with Your Existing Customers

Let me tell you a story. I’m a loyal oils user. I place an order almost every month. As a customer, I am sure I could easily be looked at as someone who doesn’t need a lot of attention because I already buy, and I buy regularly. Recently, I was invited to a party by…

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How to Find Your Ideal Client

Do you know who your ideal client is? Really, do you know her? What does she look like? Where does she buy her groceries? What shows does she watch on Netflix? The first time I ask my students these questions they often look at me like I’m crazy. But I promise, there is a method…

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How to Grow Your Facebook Group

It’s exciting times for groups on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be focusing on community, and groups AND they recently launched some exciting updates to groups like being able to schedule posts and access to insights. So how do you grow your group on Facebook? We’ve got some tips for on how to…

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August Social Media Content Ideas for Direct Sales

August marks the end of summer for many of us – last minute vacations, prep for back to school, and back to reality. As you plan your August social media content for your direct sales business keep in mind what your customer’s wants, needs, and struggles are. Think of the ways you can help make…

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6 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Working

Tell me if any of these sound familiar: “My posts aren’t being seen by anyone on Facebook.” “My VIP group is dead.” “No one is buying from me.” “My Facebook page/group is not growing.” Now I want to warn you. If these sound familiar and you are ready for a strong dose of tough love,…

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How to Get the Most Out of Convention

direct sales convention

It’s convention season which means for many of us in direct sales we’ll be heading off to days filled with excitement, education, and connecting with our fellow consultants. After participating in, exhibiting at, and speaking at more conventions that I can count, I have some advice to help you get the most out of your…

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7 Steps to Selling with Confidence in Direct Sales

7 Steps to Selling with Confidence

There are very few of us that selling comes naturally to but you have to sell in order to grow your business. And here’s the thing, selling doesn’t have to be hard, or feel icky. You have to change your perspective in order to sell with confidence. Flip the script from selling, to sharing why…

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What to Look at in Facebook Insights

direct sales, facebook insights

One of the questions that I get most often is, “when is the best time to post on Facebook?” My answer is always, “well, the best time to post on Facebook is when your audience is online!” I know that’s not always the answer that people want to hear, because knowing that takes a little…

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